About The Company

"Wellworth" is a most recent brand addition to the portfolio of G.D. Foods Mfg. (I) Pvt. Ltd., a prominent food processing company established in 1984. 

The company manufactures & markets processed food products under its internationally known brands in around 20 product categories, and enjoys a prominent global footprint serviced by a robust distribution network.

"Wellworth" marks its launch with a novel portfolio of 4 flavours of “No Added Sugar" Jams, aimed at consumers who are Diet Conscious and are concerned about their health. 

So go ahead & enjoy these "No added sugar" Jams made with fruit pulps and naturally occurring sugars which retain the natural sweetness of fruits & impart a rich taste, making these jams taste fresher, delicious and healthier. 

Not just this, these Jams are Fat-Free and free from Cholesterol! So go ahead, and enjoy the guilt-free goodness of these fruit jams!

Do keep an eye on this space for many more exciting products!